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Pine Lake Park - No fishing on Opening Day!

Pine Lake Park may not be open to the public until June 5 or June 12, 2004 due to the $1 million renovation of the park site according to the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

"There is an article in both the Review and the Press which state the facts, (however they may have failed to mention that if the lake is stocked later in the season there is a greater chance of fish dying from the shock of higher temperatures.)  This may cause a problem with water quality.  There is no simple solution.  People want to fish, but the contractor of Pine Lake Park cannot allow, for insurance reasons, intrusions into the park at this time.  And if they stock the lake now, only the people who live here will be able to catch fish, and others won't think that is fair. Nothing is ever simple.

(April 2004)

Ebright Creek Park

In April 2004 we have added a whole new section, to this web site, on Ebright Creek and Ebright Creek Park  Check it out!

 The new Sammamish City Council has decided to revisit the design process for Ebright Creek Park..  Surveys were sent to community members, from the City, in April 2004,  regarding park design.  The city has scheduled an open house at Ebright Creek Park (212th and SE13th St) on Saturday, May 8th, 9am- noon and Monday, May 10th, 2PM- 4PM.  A public meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 7th, 7-9PM at Discovery Elementary School called "Hopes, Dreams and Fears where survey results and a site overview will be presented.  Park concepts will be created following this public meeting.

The Crossings

Friends of Pine lake with Vic Heller had appealed the traffic concurrency granted to The Crossings.  The Crossings won the appeal and may proceed with the 132 home development on 212th St and SE 20th.  The Crossings had been in appeals for the last 5-6 years.  Trees have been removed from the site but construction does not appear to have started.  Sewer design needs to be finalized. (April 2004)

Chestnut Lane

The developer wanted to build 30 new homes on this parcel.  In August 2003, he was denied any building permits.



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