Pine Lake Monitoring Lake Data

This section of the Friends of Pine Lake website provides technical data collected on the lake water quality over a number of years. The first set of data to be included has been extracted from the annual reports of the King County Lake Stewardship Program. The first report of this program was published in 1996. These reports contain data on over forty lakes in King County. The data is collected through the year by volunteers (who typically live on the lake they monitor).

The Pine Lake data from the annual reports may be accessed from the list below. In addition to the water quality data, the "Methods" chapter of each report is also included. Although the methods are essentially the same in each report, for the interested researcher it is important to understand any differences that may have occurred in the monitoring program each year.

For explanations of the technical terminology used in these reports, please refer to the glossary.

bullet Water Quality Data for Oct 1994 – Sept 1995
bullet Water Quality Data for Oct 1995 – Sept 1996
bullet Water Quality Data for Oct 1996 – Sept 1997
bullet Water Quality Data for Oct 1997 – Sept 1998