Alternate Sites


Many in the community are concerned about adding more soccer or Little League Baseball fields in the area. Our group helped to locate additional sites that would be suitable for ball fields. We had a landscape architect check out the open area at the Commons site. He established that 2 fields, similar to the EBright plan would be easily feasible at that location. Below is a chart showing that the Commons site would be the better option.


Pine Lake Middle school had potential space, as well as Skyline High School as well as County property know as Section 36 or Soaring Eagle Park. Ebright is too long and narrow to support active ball fields.




Ebright Ball fields vs Commons Ball Fields

Which is the better option?






Larger size of fields



Fewer # of large trees to cut




Least impact to nature habitat for hawks,

Song Birds and pilated wood peckers


No impact to viable Salmon Creek



No Encroachment on Wetland




No Encroachment of Wetland



No Encroachment on Creek Buffer




No Flooding Concerns



Greater Buffer to neighbors



Best Noise Control (buffer and slope

and size)



Least Cost to Construct Fields



Least Cost to Maintain Fields



Road Access for Construction













Prepared July 2003

Friends of Pine Lake Marianne Wilkins