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Anna Roberts, Ashley Doerrer, Dan DeFranco, Christina Ramerman, Lynda Roberts, Mary Doerrer and Matt Ramerman joined together for this picture taken on June 23, 2003.  Friends of Pine Lake and Ebright Creek banded together to support a passive park at Ebright Creek Park.  We did not want the 47 tall confers to be removed from the park.  We tried many ways to lobby the Sammamish City Council with our concerns.


Ebright Creek is the last viable salmon creek in the City of Sammamish.  We wish to protect that creek and its Kokanee Salmon run from unnecessary contamination.  If most of the trees are cut down from Ebright Creek Park, much of the beauty of the area is lost as well as increasing the run off into the Creek.  Excess water could damage the salmon habitat.


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Thank you letter:

Letter to Ilene Stahl after Ilene announced that the city had rescinded their clearing and grading permit for Ebright Creek Park due to our efforts and appeal.


November 21, 2003


Congratulations to all the Friends of Pine Lake and Ebright Creek!

Thank you so much for your efforts to protect the Kokanee and the Creek. You have done a terrific job! I realize it has taken long hours of hard work, money, dedication and sheer guts. You have earned the thanks and congratulations of the entire community for managing to protect these irreplaceable treasures. Please accept my sincere personal gratitude and congratulations as well as from SLS. We look forward to more thoughtful decisions and greater environmental protection with the new City Council.

With my best regards,


Joanna A.